Attention runners: Are you ready to race toward a better world? Then get ready for a charitable race in New Jersey! Marathon races, 5Ks, 10Ks and other exciting runs are a great way to give back to your NJ community while having a great time and showing off your skills. Every fall, the Krogh’s Turkey Trot in Sparta draws hundreds of participants and supports the local schools. Are you ready to run this fall? Try these 5 tips to prepare!

1. Scope out your course. Are you going to be running in person, or participating in a virtual 5K? In any case, check out your course, no matter where you want to run, and keep in mind that the NJ scenery is even more attractive in fall!

2. Find the right clothes. We sure hope to be running in person again, but even if you run virtually, find a great outfit that screams “Turkey Trot!” Actually, this may be more important during a virtual 5K—how else can you share your charitable race photos with all your friends? Speaking of which…

3. Find a friend! Everything’s better with friends, especially charity runs. Grab a relative, neighbor, or BFF and make them your training partner and running buddy!

4. Train! This charity run isn’t just about helping to support the Sparta public schools—we love to run, so we want this to be a good and competitive race! If you’re new to 5Ks, start slow and don’t wear yourself out. If you’re a seasoned runner, you know all about the time and effort you need to put in!

5. Get good sleep. Not just the day before the race—good self-care is important year-round! If you want to make the best times at Krogh’s Turkey Trot this year, you need to be in top condition. Don’t forget to include a healthy diet as well!

If you’re tired just reading this list, it’s time to practice! Get running and don’t forget to mark your calendars for September 1st—the day to register for the Krogh’s Turkey Trot in Sparta!